Our philosophy here is quite simple (and maybe slightly offensive).  We do what we do in hopes of making you shout out loud (or at least within your own head), “Holy Balls...That's Awesome!” 

As it turns out, we've found that it hasn’t been too difficult of a goal to achieve because of two specific reasons: we absolutely love what we do and we surround ourselves with people who permeate this exact same attitude.  We are nothing more than a bunch of creative monsters excited about every opportunity we get to push the aesthetic boundaries of your ideas every way we can.  We come into the studio each and every day eager to find out where that next napkin sketch may lead.  It may be a complete commitment “behind the box” compositing hundreds of assets into a single continuous clip. All held together by a consistent atmospheric sensibility we always stay conscious of the proper amount of drama needed to push or pull your story...whether it be a delicate mood of somber, obnoxious disgust for shock value or any point between the two.  When it comes time to modeling, rendering and compositing CGI assets, our sensitive attention to the details gained from our years of experience in the world of print has allowed for our
integration into world of motion to exist in a place far beyond normal expectations.

Our driving passion is to realize the full potential of every project that we so gratefully get the opportunity to work on,
and we have found through the years that it requires a total commitment, both physically and emotionally
every step of the way.  

So who are we?  

We are the monsters who translate your brilliant pencil sketches and storyboards into all their glory.  We are a collective group of artists who have been working in the advertising industry for the better part of three decades.  We are the retouchers, the CGI and VFX artists, the compositors, editors, colorists and finishers, photographers, cinematographers and directors needed to produce the most fantastic commercial work in the industry. Our artists have gained years of experience working and helping establish such highly recognized studios as Liquid Pictures, Imagination Brewery, Minds Eye, and 4.amoeba.  We are fortunate to have been able to refine and grow our craft all while developing amazing relationships with some of the most creative art directors in the business.  We are artists who continue to evolve, grow and adapt as quickly as the industry so relentlessly does.  Our artists’ work have been seen in Film Festivals across the globe, have won addy’s on every level in regions across the country and have been showcased in publications such as Archive, Communication Arts, Print Magazine and Ads of the World. But as nice as the accolades have been, it’s not what feeds us.  We simply look forward to producing work that we are proud to show as our own and work that will ultimately help us continue to do this job tomorrow and the next day and the next.   As business owners, Michael and myself personally appreciate the recognition we’ve been fortunate enough to receive, but as artists, we channel the Buddha within ourselves and simply focus on the projects currently in our hands.  Our philosophy here will always remain unchanged...to create the most satisfying final product the client could hope for, no matter how large or small the production, no matter how creative or mundane the request may seem.  We are the monsters, the left brainers, the creative crazies that can’t wait to push your next project to it’s full potential.  Our hands are still dirty and we aren’t ready to clean up yet.

Gratefully yours,





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RYAN Bradburn


JASON Caylor

Jason Lindsey

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