Wether we are compositing your supplied assets, or creating them ourselves, or VFX/Compositing team have the tools to get results. Since our background is in print work, our attention to detail is off the charts and our standards of quality show. We can create and/or refine until your left hemisphere is buzzing.


Color grading/ finishing

Color grading is in our DNA. Our extensive print knowledge has evolved our eyes into color grading mini machines. We can all at once call our the exact moves needs in percentage points to get the desired result. Sort of like Picasso and his need to create something new when he has perfected the mundane, we have branched out into loving color for what it is. The way to give your final product a refined, accurate and creative flair that unites the piece.


directing video/ Photography

Directing video and photography go hand in hand. We can achieve professional results in both areas with the same finesse and experience….


Content creation is a love for all artists. We have the tools and partnerships to create whatever you can…

CGI 2D/3D animation